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How Do I Know When To Replace My Needle?

Needle wear is unavoidable. Of course the care you give your needle and record greatly affect stylus and record life expectancy. A little dust or dirt in the record grooves acts like a grinding powder, wearing out your  needle and records. So the cleaner your records and stylus are, the  longer they last.

Under good conditions, a stylus can be expected to last from 600 to 1000  hours of play. For most people, this means you need to replace your  needle in one to two years. This is also an optimum time to consider  upgrading your cartridge.

Most modern needles have a diamond tip, the hardest substance known. Diamond tips have a far greater life expectancyand give you greater valuethan  other materials sometimes used (sapphire, osmium, etc.) The shape of the tip (or stylus) and how it fits in the record groove play a significant role in the quality of the sound and life of the stylus.

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